Bearded silkies from Bobbi should be here tomorrow, whhot whhooot

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    Nov 27, 2010
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    While iam in the middle of trying to incubate and hatch my own eggs , and freaking out to see the outcome...tonight will be 21 days

    I've shared my concerns on my incubator, lockdown issue an an earlier post this evening

    But I do have exciting news

    Tommorrow my white bearded silkies will be arriving from Bobbi

    They will be 8 weeke old, so you think when my dh gets home I will be able to pass them off as what hatched out of the eggs in the incubator, lmao- he knows about the eggs in the incubator but not the ones arriving tommorrow and I swear iam going to say look how big they puff out after they hatch...LOL


    Do I need a heat light on them in the house and can I just use a playpen for them?

    If I keep them in the garage in my really big bird cage that's empty, could I put a heat lamp on them, if my dh is having heartfailure.....?..
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