Bearded White Silkie Cockerel *NY* *NPIP* SHIPS 10/3 *******PICS***

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    If you want him get him now. Will be gone this friday.!!!!!! Bearded White Silkie Cockerel. Nice type, should fill out real nicely. Perfect toes, feathering on all 5 toes. Comb is a light, other than that a nice bird. No horns on comb.


    If you are interested in him and want more pictures of him (like his toes/eyes/etc) please let me know and i'll get some.

    Plan to ship on 10/4

    NO shipping to Virginia, Hawaii or Alaska. Sorry.
    Has been vaccinated for fowl pox.
    I am NPIP Certified. Treated with ivermectin pour on.

    $60 shipped. Paypal is [email protected] If you want him just hit buy it now and send the paypal along. Can also take united states postal service money order. Please also send along phone # for me to put on the box so they call you when he arrives.

    **** I do have a breeder quality white boy listed for sale on Username SundownSilkies

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