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Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by grandmaof5, Feb 17, 2013.

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    I gentleman wanted to buy one of my Welsummer hens, and today I took her to her new home. The man was very nice, and soooo happy to be getting a 'girl' for his Wellie rooster. The chicken set-up was clean and nice...he even had a space for the new girl to settle into before he put her in with the others. When I saw the young guy, it had green legs. I told the man that Welsummers always have yellow legs, but he had been told when he got him that it was a pure Welsummer. I felt so bad telling him he didn't have a Wellie, and now I'm wondering "what DID he have?" Nice colour, still young so had some filling out to do, but pretty. what resembles a Welsummer, but isn't?
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    When I see green legs, I think Easter Egger.
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    Seems to me a lot of crosses have dark/green legs.

    I did have a handsome EE roo who had the exact classic coloring of a Welsummer roo except the leg color and he had a full beard and muffs. Body type was also off for a Wellie, but he was heavier than any other EE roo I've run across since.

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