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12 Years
Feb 2, 2011
My Paso Fino Gelding Bears Birthday is on Sunday!

He is going to be 7!

I did a bit of research.... and a typical life expectancy for his breed is about 30 years old... so that works out to be 3.3 Paso Fino Horse years for every human year.And with rounding up always being appropriate... That would make Bear.....


24 YEARS OLD!!!!

Which is exactly how old I'm going to be 9 days later!!!!

So on our very first Birthdays together... we're going to be the same age!!!!

Seen as it's 3.3 Paso years per Human year.... we won't ever be the same age again, as in our first Birthday together.... but I just think that's so special!

But then I can be a bit silly!

We also had just the bestest trail ride on Wednesday.... we went with my older friend Dorothy, on her Apaloosa gelding... had a great time overall, Bear was the bomb!

But we also had just a beautiful moment on our beautiful trail ride.
Bear and me were in the lead and moving out into a largo....
( a corto is slower and moves forward at trotting speed, largo is the same gait but more extended and can be REALLY fast on some horses)

... And then I heard our trail companion, Dorothy, start a canter behind us and ease up on our right side....

Bear stretching out into a REAL largo... his mane billowing in the wind... and Dorothy on her horse cantering right beside us....
we were evenly matched for several minutes, Bear and I having the ultra smooth ride of course

Both Dorothy and I laughing our butts off... I can't remember now the exact reason it was sooo funny.. or if we were both just giddy... but either way, it was FUN!

It was just gorgeous... we have plans to go out on the trails again on Sunday, Bears birthday... and I want to think of what to do for him for his brithday as well as going for a great ride.. hehehe!

ETA: Sorry if this is a bit messy, I'm still getting used to posting anew
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Thank you Bock!

I'm so excited for our ride tomorrow!
I intend to get pictures.... and I will post them up when I do!

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