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    Saturday a strong storm blew open the gate between two runs and the two roos got into a fight. I was at work and didn't see him until Sunday morning. He was holding his head kinda twisted to the side the most injured side up. Some times twisting almost upside down. That eye has a very large pupil. He wasn't getting around well and shaking, so I brought him inside. He was more black and swollen on that side by Sunday night. But seemed to be a little better at balancing and not shaking. His crop had a little food in it, so he ate some, but I didn't see him eat. Still tilting the head with the bad side up.

    This morning he started to crow at his normal time. Has crowed a few times through out the day. He has been eating some egg and hand-feeding formula mixed. Little bits here and there. I put some aspirin in his water, but I haven't seen him drink.

    I don't know what else to do for him. He has been been in fights quite a few times and looked much worse as far as visible injuries, but kept going and recovered. He is just a little mixed breed, but the best rooster ever (except thinking he is the king of the world and always trying to prove it).

    His girls are just lost without him.

    At this point I don't think it's best for him to be outside, but I wonder if bringing one of the hens inside with him would be good. I think one of his hens would be happy to come into the house. Maybe just at night for company? His hens have never pecked at his wounds before.

    I did take him out for a few minutes to see the girls. He started to crow, but then started to shake and twist his head even more. I think it was just too much for him and he got too excited.
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    Keeping him inside away from the others is a good thing, Since he's crowing, it sounds like he will get better. How much is he eating?? How old is he???

    I would keep him in, and keep him warm. Hand feed him if you have to and make sure he's getting enough water. Vitamins in the water might help. A tame hen at night may help for company. Hope he get better soon.
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  3. I`m of an opposite opinion. I would put him back with the hens and watch him. Sometimes it helps to get their minds off their troubles and back in a normal setting. Over the years I`ve had many pen fights and usually they come around better if left to themselves. I normally would use an eye ointment, like teramycin and a good antibiotic like Corona on his bruises, but since he`s already comming along, just let him be and keep an eye on him. Good luck..........Pop
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    He is almost 2 years old. Today he has eaten about half of two eggs with formula mixed in. He eats a few pieces at a time, then takes a break. Last night his crop was about half full.

    I'll keep trying hand feeding. He doesn't really seem to like being held, so every so often I offer a few pieces of the egg. He usually will take them.
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    Quote:Every time previous I've just left him with his hens. He has look much, much worse, but never acted this hurt. He didn't do well when I took him out earlier.

    He is a tough little guy and rebounded from a bad case of wet and dry pox, so hopefully he will make it through this.
  6. Quote:Every time previous I've just left him with his hens. He has look much, much worse, but never acted this hurt. He didn't do well when I took him out earlier.

    He is a tough little guy and rebounded from a bad case of wet and dry pox, so hopefully he will make it through this.

    So, how`s our boy doing? Getting better?.........Pop
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    if he's eating and crowing id put him back out. two of my roos had the mother of all fights 3 days ago (brahma vs EE) the newcomer 'brahma' won and the EE limped off back to his field full of blood. i cleaned him up, stopped the bleeding (as much as possible) and let him get back to his girls. he seems fine now (albeit missing feathers and has a bruised face!)
    last time he fought i brought him in a recovery was much slower (think he missed his home and ladies)
    just if u put him back out make sure theres no blood or the others may pick at him

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    He is still hanging on. Still twists his head/neck in a funny position. I think all in all he is a tiny bit better. Doing a tiny bit of grooming.

    He almost seems to zone out when he starts the head twisting thing. I'm gong to take him out to his girls in a little bit and see how he does. If he does the head twisting thing, I'll try and get a picture of it.
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    This is how he holds his head a lot of the time. He can hold it normal on his own. I wonder if it's an ear problem. While he was out I tried to look him over and I touched the little circle feather area on the side of the head (I have no idea where their ear actually is) and he jerked away. I touched the other side and he didn't react. His visible injuries don't look like much. The eye is a little swollen, but not that bad. He can open it. The other roo really doesn't have but a few tiny marks on his comb.

    He tried to do all his normal roo things while outside, but was also doing a lot of the head jerking and stumbling. The other roo was also causing problems. His hens were wonderful. I ended up bringing him back in, but brought one of his hens in also. He is just a talking away to her and making her a nest. She is a little unsure, but doesn't seem too upset. Probably happy to be inside where it's nice and cool.

    My tom turkey was also excited to see him. Had they not be inside the runs, the tom would have stopped them from fighting. He is normally the rooster police and keeps them from fighting.

  10. Looks like he got whacked too hard in the head. May be a little nerve damage. Hard to tell if he will pull out of it, but you should know in another week or so. Sorry `bout his troubles. Good luck.........Pop

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