beautiful 3 mo old Buff Orp Cockerel free- nePA, NY, NJ,wCT, wMA, SoVT

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    I have 3 healthy Buff Orpington cockrels that are looking for loving homes. They are all from hinkjc's eggs... so you know that they're beauties. And they are very gentle. [​IMG]

    I am willing to travel to bring one to you: eastern PA, NJ, NY, wCT, wMA, SoVT

    Here's a picture of a year old roo of the same stock (his tail is just recovering from a fox attack). He is the nicest roo that I've ever had. So if the new ones are anything like him... you've got yourself a great rooster.

    And here are some other photos of them... so you can see the sheen and their build and good solid frames
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