Beautiful Ameraucana Roosters- various ages & colors SE TN

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  1. Goose and Fig

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    Apr 19, 2009
    Fall Creek Falls TN
    *NO I cannot ship at this time- hopefully by fall we'll be able to*

    I've got quite a variety of true ameraucana cockerels available- prices vary depending on color and age. Either way- its going to be a big loss for me. We hatched most of these from shipped eggs from various respected breeders.

    Buff Ameraucanas- 1 Ramey and 1 Meredith, both under 3 months - $5 (the older buff has dark eyes, but awesome leg color)

    Wheaten Ameraucanas- 3 Meredith, under 3 months- $5

    Blue Wheaten Ameraucana- 1 or 2 Meredith, under 3 months- $10

    Lavender Ameraucanas- all under 3 months. Shaffer lines- $5

    Might be willing to part with another pair of wheaten/blue wheatens. No more than one girl per roo. I can meet within reason if you buy more than one. Some lavender and BW hatching eggs avaiable for pick up too- but I need notice [​IMG]




    We are in Bledsoe Country between Dayton, Sparta, Pikeville and Dunlap. 1 hour north of Chattanooga, less than 2 hours SW of Knoxville.
  2. Vickir73

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    Sep 9, 2010
    As I'm in Texas, I can't meet you [​IMG], but please let me know when you are able to ship. I've been looking for a pretty EE roo and have the hardest time finding one. I've had absolutely no luck locally and have resigned myself to having to have one (or two or three or . . . ) shipped. Thank you.

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