Beautiful Ayam Cockerels for Sale


Apr 12, 2019
Need a Halloween Rooster?!?! Located in Mooresville NC. I have 2 Rare Ayam Cemani Cockerels for sale. These are intended for breeding purposes. Free range Chickens. Fed an 20% protein All Flock Feed, with probiotics and prebiotics in it. I purchased these two from an Npip certified breeder as day old chicks. Hoping for at least one pullet. But instead here we are with two cockerels. Roughly 21 weeks old. The larger of the 2 coming into his hormones and mating already. The smaller is less dominate but starting to dance around the ladies too. Both were handled young, but kept a distance after about 6 weeks. Both very respectful and non aggressive at this point. Beautiful birds! They have been dubbed Rocky (the larger) and Bullwinkle. Mentioning only for identification purposes when contacting. $100 each OBO. Reduced to ONLY $50 EACH! This is a great money making breed. Bringing in anywhere between $15-$50 a new chick, depending on your breeding standards. This breed it completely black, organs, bones, and meat included! That’s right, black meat! If you have questions about this breed or in general please let me know. Text message at 828 nine six two 28 two eight

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