Beautiful black orp and turken roosters for sale or trade

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    Jun 6, 2013
    I'm located in Emmett, ID 83617 and can possibly deliver/meet in most surrounding areas within 40 miles if need be. DEADLINE: Nov. 14th 2014 - culling will have to happen if they're still here! Too many roos!

    I have 5 beautiful black orpington boys, hatched April 15th 2014 from a local breeder. They're docile, easy-going, quiet, and peaceful, though skittish with me. I haven't handled them because they'll have to be culled if I can't rehome them by mid-November. I just can't cull a bird that trusts me, sorry!

    I also have 2 rust-red turken cockerels, hatched May 21st, 2014 from a different local breeder. They're curious, intelligent, fiesty, and affectionate. They've been handled a good bit and enjoy crawling into my lap for affection. I can't cull these cuddly boys, but would love to see them go to a home for breeding or general keeping (they'd do great with kids, I bet!).

    All the boys are in good health. They're BIG! I've had ZERO fighting in the flock and ZERO aggression from them. No crowing yet. They're accustomed to many other animals, including dogs and cats. They are free-ranged, dis-ease free, non-vaccinated, and non-medicated. I feed mostly organic feed plus lots of fruit and veg scrap.

    It's cost me about $10/ea to raise em up (including chick cost) so I'm asking something close to that. I'd also be willing to trade for laying hens (totally not picky about breed, only concerned with health and age) or one or two heritage turkey hens for my lonely turkey tom. Or heck, I'd trade for a nice wheelbarrow [​IMG]

    PM me here, or call 208-861-2255, ask for Jen!

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