Beautiful Blue Bearded Silkie Cockerel and Splash Pullet - 5 months P/U in Salem, OR

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    My handsome Silkie cockerel, Captain Jack Sparrow, just let out a lovely crow this morning. I need to find him a new home, and would be happy to place him with his 'girlfriend,' a splash pullet.

    If you can come to Salem, Oregon to get them today, they are yours for any small trade you care to contribute - a bag of decent dog kibble, or chick starter, or ??

    I just put an ad up locally for these two, but I want to make sure they will be well cared for, so I am posting here on BYC, with hopes of someone local who is interested in Silkies. These are incubator hatched, raised with loving care, and very healthy and sweet. They are not from the same breeding pens, so they could make a nice pair.
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    Dec 11, 2016

    Hi Cerise! I have a 25# bag of medicated chick starter I could trade ... text or call 971-221-5464?
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