Beautiful blue bully for adoption- San Diego, CA

Merry Lew

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Aug 2, 2013
3 weeks ago I rescued this absolute HUNK from a high kill shelter on the day he was scheduled for euthanasia. Unfortunately for him, he was a Pit Bull in a shelter that is overcrowded with Pibbles and from the moment he stepped foot into that place he was in danger. I have been doing dog rescue for over a decade, and I can honestly say that this is the BEST foster dog I have ever had!

Odin is very sweet and would lick your face for the rest of his life if you would let him. He walks PERFECTLY on a leash- heels the entire time and never ever pulls. He is a little afraid of things he doesn't know- sprinklers, cars with loud music, etc, so if something like that happens he leans on you (literally) for encouragement. Total baby. Every single time I walk him people stop me to compliment him. He really is breathtakingly beautiful. :)

He is potty trained and has had zero accidents in my house. He is crate trained and goes into his crate on his own to sleep.

I paid a good deal of a money to have a dog trainer come to my home three times for 90 minute training sessions with Odin, so even though he has only been out of the shelter for less than a month, he is already a "dream dog"- references to his trainer can be provided. Odin knows "sit" "come" "stay" and "down."

Odin is good with cats, dogs, and doesn't bother my chickens (though they are kept in a run.) Odin is a little unsure about small children; another thing he is a little afraid of. Would do best in a home with children 10+.

Odin is 2 years old and some type of Pit Bull, American Bulldog, etc. A "bully breed", he is neutered, vaccinated, wormed, and microchipped.

Odin is a total sweetheart who just wants to kiss you and nibble your toes if you let him. He will never be someone's running partner or hiking buddy, he is too lazy. Seriously. He just wants to sleep and hang out with you.

Odin has thick calluses on his legs which the vet and trainer said comes from a life lived on a concrete slab. Odin is grateful for his second chance, and grateful for every tiny gift you give him. He does have a small adoption fee to cover his expenses and to ensure he goes to the best of homes. I am willing to travel to get him to the right home. PM for more info or pics. :)

Are you sure he's neutered? I'm sorry to ask but in the pic of him laying in his crate it sure looks like testis back there. Maybe its a before surgery pic?
Jorey, yes that is a pre-operative pic. Poor boy had a lot to lose. :-X
Lol. He is so handsome. Whoever he chooses to go home with is gonne be lucky. He looks like such a lovebug. Goodluck finding his forever home. Maybe he's already in it ;)

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