Beautiful Blue Gold Partridge Brahma Roo

Apr 23, 2020
Hi - We purchased a Blue Gold Partridge Brahma chick from a farm who promised it was a hen (because we live in an area that doesn't allow for Roosters) and at 6 months we realized it was in fact a Roo
Location: LA Area
Roosters name: Formerly known as Winifred (Winnie)
Breed: Blue Gold Partridge Brahma
Weight: Roughly 7-9 lbs
Age: 6 months
Size: Still a juvenile but has almost all of his adult feathers
About rooster: Winnie the Roo is super people friendly and used to being handled. He is a busy bee in the morning but likes end of day cuddles.
Photos: Attached

Please let me know if you are interested in giving Winnie a good home or can help. Need a solution ASAP!!



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