Beautiful Blue Silkie Cockerel #47

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    Up for auction is a Blue Silkie Cockerel that I hatched from eggs from Bobbi Porto - Indigo Egg in September of last year. He is 8 months old. He has black skin, dark eyes, good foot feathering and toe spacing. His comb is a little on the red side but as Bobbi said put him with the dark combed hens. He is a nice boy. The only reason I am not keeping him is I ended up with mega Roos.

    Sorry for the dirt on his feet but we have had a tremendous amount of rain and they had to look for worms. lol

    I will make sure he is clean, dusted, nails done and wormed before he heads to his new home.


    at close of auction paypal to [email protected]

    edit: the flash made his comb look redder than it really is.
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