Beautiful Broad Tri-colored Paint Mare Big Girl!


8 Years
Dec 10, 2011
Savannah Is a sweet willing Horse who is a very experienced Girl with a been there done that type of attitude, Doesn't spook hardly ever! No kick,no buck, you can ride her bareback or with a saddle she loves little kids is very gentle and loves treats HAs a WONDERFUL neck rein and handle,can ride her bareback with a HALTER!. HAs been used as a Pick up horse at rodeos and also has been a head horse. She is big,she is very flexable also...for such a large horse..We have worked on roll backs and she is a natural. She has absolutely no vices I am aware of although we have only had her a few months... She paws when she is anxious! Like when all the horses are getting turned out and she wants her turn...she paws till you get her, we always had a theory that a horse that paws needs a job and she does! She is too good to sit idle... She is great with the farrier and she has had the same farrier for several years...she was a fabulous mother! She is about 12 yrs old and just an awesome and IMPRESSIVE to look at animal with an almost "Gypsy" type mane and tail... We get SO many complements on her! She is about 15.3 but I think she is almost that wide and very long...she is at least an 11/ 1200.00 lb horse! We even think she could be registered with the pinto draft Association. Would take some research tho I know her previous owner and she was his brothers I BELIEVE before him... Please contact me by PM if you wish to discuss her further... We would love to find a great home for Savannah as we need to decrease our herd Due to my health
I WOULD NOT sell her if my health was better. Thanks for looking here are some pics
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