Beautiful Columbian Wyandotte Rooster, free to a good home!

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    Apr 12, 2011
    Victorian Wyncote
    Looking for a good home for Buckbeak, our Columbian Wyandotte Rooster. He is a very healthy, sweet bird, 18 weeks old, gets along very well with our other 13 chickens, we just can't keep him because our township doesn't allow roosters. His feathers are growing in beautifully, we can already see the start of what will be a magnificent tail! We are giving him away for free to a good home. Didn't really want to put him up on Craigslist because we live near Philadelphia where there is a lot of underground cock fighting (we weren't willing to risk it!) and we didn't want him going to someone who was just going to eat him.

    Pickup highly preferable, but willing to meet within a reasonable distance. We are located in Montgomery County, PA.

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