Beautiful, docile birchen Rooster Free to good home (southern CA)

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    Please give Cayenne a good home! He is a sweet, if somewhat shy, rooster that was hatched by Pepper, one of my little silkies. Cayenne is not related to Pepper (is not a silkie); he is a mix of many breeds, I think. He has Birchen markings, with a funny rose comb. He is still growing, but in general he is not a particularly big boy. I love him lots, but I am not supposed to have roosters in my area. Lately I have been bringing him into the house to sleep in a dog crate in my bedroom to help mute his morning crows for the neighborhood. He is easy to handle (in the evening, when he is roosting, otherwise he is hard to catch, but NEVER aggressive). Sometimes I chill with him on the couch, watching Last Comic Standing, before bedtime. He has never acted aggressive toward people, chickens, or dogs. Though he is trying to figure out how to impress the ladies, not with much luck yet, so far. [​IMG]

    In the La Mesa / El Cajon area. Near San Diego, Lakeside, Santee, College Area, Chula Vista, Alpine, Spring Valley, Poway, National City, Del Mar, Ramona, ...

    He is beautiful iridescent black that shimmers purple and green; each feather is edge in a gorgeous gold. Incredible when in the sunlight. I am happy to email photos, I don't know how to put them on here. You can also go to the picture I put on facebook:

    not ship. Will bring him to your place within reasonable distance.

    Note: while the starting price says 1 cent, I am giving him away for free to GOOD HOME. (I don't know why I can't put the starting price at 0.)

    EDIT: forgot to mention, he is about 20 weeks old.
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