Beautiful egg baskets u all- how long left out of fridge

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    How long can one sit fresh eggs on their counter. I see egg baskets filled with eggs, and photos where their sitting out.. How long can u sit fresh eggs out on countertop? Or can u not?

    Also, do u wash them first, or is the the thing..don't wash them until you use them ? I thought I read something back about that?

    Thanks all
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    I saw a post somewhere on here where someone said you can leave them out for up to 30 days if they aren't washed. I could be totally wrong but pretty sure I saw it. I'll search for it and edit when I find it. Also, once washed I was told an egg had to go in the fridge and to not leave it out.


    LC orps wrote:
    I was always told that eggs UNWASHEd could remain on a countertop for several months (5-6 months) once you have washed them they need to go into the fridge. They also need to be kept in the fridge if you have refridgerated them to begin with ... washed or unwashed.

    But let us also note that my eggs -before I have 3-4 dozen collected-- have been on the counter for up two months. I only have to wash them and refridgerate them just before i take them to the farmers market 45 minutes away (thus the reason I do not take them per week) USDA regulates that they must be washed and therefore, refridgerated. Hopefully, one does not need to keep eggs on the counter for more than 3 months.


    NewGuineaChooks wrote:
    2 1/2 months. IF you turn the carton over every day. That is; it is right side up one day, and upside down the next.

    We did this in the tropical country I grew up in, in a rural area with no electricity. It works in temps up to 90F with 90% humidity. Don't know about higher temps than that.

    If you just leave them right side up, they will still last a good 6 weeks.
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    Quote:Thanks, yeah see I thought I saw something somewhere like that too..

    Hey my husband is from outside Syracuse..we go their twice a year..
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    I leave mine in the egg basket on my counter. I do not wash them or refrigerate them. I usually eat them with within a week but have had them out two weeks with no problem. Sometimes I need to clean them but I wait until I need to use them to a make sure I don't run off the membrane.
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    Eggs don't last a month around here. They're sold or eaten within a week or so.
    That said, if not washed they can stand room temp a while. Refrigeration will naturally keep them longer and I definitely refrigerate if they have been washed. In Mexico and Central America I only saw eggs refrigerated in major grocery stores in big cities. Smaller markets just keep the eggs on regular store shelves and the stores aren't air conditioned.
    No one dies there from bad eggs.
    Here's a link to an exhaustive study on the subject by Mother Earth News.
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    Quote:Thanks chicken cane-..xoxoox
    And everyone else..
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    I have read that in many European countries folks set the eggs on the counter. I've read the posts about if it's safe or not, but what I would like to know is, is there a reason to not refrigerate? I believe it would be safe to leave fresh eggs out, but is there a benefit?

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