Beautiful Flock Near Grants Pass, OR

Aug 13, 2017
the coop




Beautiful flock consisting of three hens and one rooster (all shown in pic #2) for $50. The rooster is a True Blue Silver Ameraucana cross (his offspring have 50% chance of laying blue eggs). He is gorgeous and the sweetest rooster I have ever owned. He will follow me around and eat out of my hand. He also has a nice voice... which he uses often. ;)

Two of the hens are 2 year old Black Spanish Minorcas, a hardy breed that lays large, white eggs. They are great free-rangers with superb predator instincts, but a little less friendly than the rooster because I purchased them when they were 6 mo old. The third hen is a 3 yr old Golden laced Polish hen. She is still laying well and very friendly.

These birds are pets. To good home only. I am only letting go because I am moving. If interested, please post a picture of your property/set-up. :)

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