Beautiful Heavy Asian Fabric for Many Uses -Shipping INCLUDED in Price!/ N. GA.

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    *INCLUDES Shipping* (at today's prices, that's not chump change anymore, unfortunately) Stunning collection of fabric in gold brocades and some poly blends that a relative was using at one time to make costumes. The yardage is around 11 yards total, probable original value of approximately $100 +/-, considering the going price for the heavy brocade Asian fabrics. For the first three fabrics, he paid in the neighborhood of $12-14 per yard but now has no need for it. *to clarify, they were not purchased overseas, in case you were wondering*

    The yardage is as follows and is approximate:

    Blue satin with multicolor brocade flowers approx 1.75 yards

    Gold satin with butterflies 3 full yards - this fabric is very heavy, almost upholstery weight. You could make chair/bench covers or a lovely kimono or heavy robe.

    Red satin 1.5-2 yards- very luxurious heavy fabric. One piece is a wide cut strip so exact yardage hard to say.

    Turquoise blue 1 yard -some sort of polyester type

    Black 3-3.5 yards- heavyweight poly blend, I'd guess

    Price includes shipping in large flat rate box to anywhere in the contiguous United States.

    Payment must be received by postal money order within one week of your commitment to purchase or fabric will be placed up for sale again!
    ***If you prefer to use paypal, will get you that address when you commit to purchase. Thanks!

    Below, the items for sale, blue with multicolor flowers, the gold with butterflies and the red are pictured again

    *the blue with silver blossoms on the left and the blue with gold leaves on the right are sold*

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    I have reopened this older ad because I still have the fabrics. Just let me know if you prefer Paypal or would like to send a postal money order if you want the box of fabrics. Thanks!

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