Beautiful Homemade Quilt - 106" x 93"

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    Feb 22, 2007
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    This quilt is 80%+ handmade. The pieces were sewn together by hand in long rows then the rows were machine sewn together. The hem is the only other part that was machine sewn. The finished top, batting, and back were tacked together by hand.

    The quilt measures 106" wide X 93". The pieces are 3 inch square pieces. When sewn together you get a blue million 2.5" blocks. There is a huge amount of time in this Quilt. This one was completely random pieces. All pieces are cotton.

    This was sewn by my Mom. She has several more that will be offered over the next few weeks/months.

    I am only running the auction for 2 days. If it sells and is paid for by Monday morning I will ship it Via USPS Priority Mail on Monday. No guarantees, but you may be able to get it by the weekend(CHRISTMAS).

    Shipping will be the actual shipping. This quilt is rather heavy, but I expect the shipping to be less then $20. Send me a zip for a quote.

    I can take Paypal with an extra $3 fee for their service charges. I will also take a Postal Money Order, but will not ship the Quilt till I receive FULL payment.


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