Beautiful morning! Breakfast for everyone...and a surprise

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    Jul 1, 2011
    I'm a early morning person. Before the sun comes up. Time change takes NO adjusting for me when springing forward. Up before the hens, I reorganized the hall closet before my son woke to get ready for school. Since some of the neighbors and I trade home grown and homemade foods, yesterday I made a ton of salsa. Added killer ghost chilies to it from last years garden. Since I traded eggs for avacadoes, made guac. Fresh lemonade from neighbors lemons and fresh tortillas from another neighbor. Last night made chicken fajitas. Awsome. Since my kiddo surprised me by cleaning the kitchen, I promised to make him breakfast burritoes this morning.

    Took out three dozen eggs: one dozen scrambled for the dogs. 1 1/2 dozen scrambled and prepped for the hens. I usually soak steel cut oats (raw) in homemade plain yogurt at the same time, then grind the eggshells into very small peices. When half cooked, add the shell, then thouroughly cook all. Add this to the oat/yogurt mix, add leftover sunflower seeds from last summers garden, then give it to the hens.

    Beforehand, made the burritoes, then put them in the microwave to stay warm. Fed the dogs first so they wouldn't go after the hens mix thinking it was theirs. Went upstairs to get the laptop, made the bed. Opened the curtains to let in the beautiful morning sunlight.

    And heard my son making the oddest most unhappy noises. Half asleep, he took a big sample bite of the hens food....spent 10 minutes brushing his teeth gargling. Said he still had that 'sound' in his head of lots of eggshells grinding against his teeth...I should sympathise, but it ruins the whole authenticity when laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes.

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    Oh, my gosh. LOL!
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    Mayberry (really!)
    LOL! hahaha! poor guy!
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    How funny.
    I have always cooked for my dogs and can't tell ya how many times my kids or a family member thought it was for them, what a face after the first taste. LOL

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