Beautiful Pet D'uccle Rooster - 6 months

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    I am VERY reluctantly rehoming my lovely pet bearded booted belgian d'uccle rooster. He's around 6 months old. I hatched him and have handled him for all this time. I don't want to sell him but my boyfriend is starting to worry about noise complaints because we live in the city. My sweet little roo is very friendly, loves to share treats with the hens, follow me around the yard and endlessly entertain me. He'd be a great 4-H bird for showmanship or just a lap chicken. His egg said self-blue, he popped out looking more like millefleur. He's a beautiful gem in my flock, he will be sorely missed.

    I feed all my chickens with Mazuri Exotic Gamebird Maintenance Kibble and supplement their diet with occasional poultry vitamins in their water, daily tuna and veggies. They free range pretty much all day eating bugs, acacia seeds and whatever else they can find. My chickens are very spoiled and I hope to find someone who will love my little roo as much as I do.

    Pick up only, San Diego

    Yesterday we caught him wandering around with our brahma bantam trying to show her good nest spots. He even went inside the nest box with her for a while then he stood just outside it and made soothing chicken noises for her, or so it seemed. What a gentleman!

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