Beautiful quad of Adult Heritage Delawares from Speckledhen's eggs

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    It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to downsize some of my poultry due to some of my limited physical abilities. This is a very precious flock to me and is from Speckledhen's beautiful Heritage delawares. They lay a large brown egg and are consistent layers...really laying machines!!! Temperament is docile and friendly.

    Lineage is wonderful and includes: Jesse McDaniel and William Meier and some Sandhill Preservation for diversity.

    This wonderful group will need to be picked up at our farm... as we do not ship

    I want to know that they are going to a loving and caring home. They are very special to me.

    Here's a picture:




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    Please pm me with any questions. These are being advertised locally and I'll closed this should they be sold locally.

    Thanks for your interest and have a blessed day.

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