Beautiful roosters for sale - NH

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    Oct 18, 2009
    New Hampshire
    Is anyone looking for a rooster?
    I have 2 pure BC Maran roos.
    1 Blue Maran rooster.
    I have 2 Barnevelder roos.
    I have 2+ blue cochin roos. I have a frizzled cochin roo.
    I have a moltted java Roo.
    1 split Lav ameraucauna roo
    I also have a blue red cochin roo - I recently found out that there really is a name for this (I thought he was a mutt) Like lemon blue but red instead...hmmm who knew
    all for sale .

    These are going to be beautiful boys and I hate to sell them for meat if someone needs any for a breeding project or a flock roo. I may be going to the Chichester, NH swap on 6/26.

    Please PM me if interested. No need to bid. No shipping listed because these are for local p/u.
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