Beautiful silkie cockerels

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    Jul 29, 2009
    Hello,i've got 3 silkie cockerels that i need to re-home.I already have 3 roos and i feel 6 would be really pushing it.First i have a silver or grey(i cant tell the difference)partridge,hatched 6/22/12 and his brother,another partridge.I would definitely say pq on these two because their toe spacing isn't real good,but are still pretty to look at.The third one is a black.His toes look fine so pq or bq.I've never shown so i dont no anything about it.I got the best pics i could but they were not I'm only asking 5.00 for them to try to insure a good home for my pets.If you can convince me you will give them a good home,i may just let you have them for free.[​IMG] I've never shipped a bird so i no nothing about it,so i would prefer local pick up,but if you're willing to walk me thru it i guess i could ship.Thanks for looking.

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