Beautiful white silkie rooster

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    Aug 22, 2014
    Lowell Michigan
    we have a 1 year old white silkie roo that we need to rehome, we live just inside the city on 2 acres and our property borders state land, our 3 neighbors love or rooster and hearing him crow, unfortunately the police were on a call in our neighborhood and heard him crowing and told us he has to go! We purchased him 1 year ago along with 3 others and he was the only roo. His name is Pringles and he takes very good care of his lady's. He's use to being held and like baths. We hatched our own chickens this spring and I think I have 2 possibly 3 more roosters that I will need to re home. One is a polish/silkie with smooth feathers, all white with one black feather between his eyes, his name is Stewart, and fire ball who is also a smooth polish/silkie, he is reddish with black and brown. He is a beautiful rooster. Please if you or someone you know can help! We live in Lowell Michigan and I would be willing to deliver him with in reason to a good home!
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    Mar 28, 2015
    I don't know where Lowell MI is or how far you are willing to travel but I live in Johnstown Ohio and am looking for a nice rooster. I had one that was human aggressive (especially to me) and he had to go. I miss his crowing and I want protection for my girls (and possible a gene source for future chicks). My email is [email protected]. I would be interested in Pringles since he is already a year old and if he was going to be aggressive he would have been by now. My Hens are all about 6 months old (born April 8).

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