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9 Years
May 22, 2010
Up for your consideration is this extremely nice pair of young white Silkies. They are approximately 8 months old and the pullet has been laying for several months. The cockerel is typey & small, with excellent feet/spacing, small dark comb, heavy foot feathering & short back. The pullet is also very typey with nice feet, wings and comb. Her only fault is sparse feathing on her middle toes. I'm very reluctant to call birds show quality unless I've already shown them successfully, but think either of these birds could be shown. Both were vaccinated for Marek's disease at hatch and come from an NPIP certified and AI tested clean flock. They will be shipped on the Tuesday after memorial day & will come to you bathed and bug free. My whites have been winning all over the country, so this is your chance to get a really nice pair. PLEASE do not bid if your weather is too hot for shipping! Payment via paypal due at auction's end - no e-checks please as they take too long to clear. Please pm or email me with any questions and thank you for looking.
(I have put a very reasonable reserve on these birds as I'd rather keep them than give them away:)



beautiful birds
still debating on buying lol
Very nice, I have a beautiful white pullet from your eggs. Her type is outstanding. I also love your splash hen posted. My weather is hot this week also
If I wasn't concerned about the temps I'd be all over this auction. Can I make payments and you just hold them for me till the weather gets cooler again? Sort of like a lay-away......JK There Must be a way to get silkies to the other side of the US safely!! Love your birds, as always, Nikki
I've been thinking of every possible senario so that I can buy both pairs up for auction!
I hate this heat cause it's preventing me from buying!

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