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    Would you like to share your egg-love with friends and family? A beautiful painted egg certainly makes an impression! Easter, Mother's Day, birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, novelty eggs, they are all possible!

    I blow out, hand paint and string chicken eggs, sometimes doing personalized designs. If you're looking for personalized gifts, I can work with you to create a cohesive design for your loved one's egg. Each painted egg is unique in design, color scheme, and size. These are all eggs from my own flock and all proceeds from these eggs go right back into flock!


    I can only take limited orders because each egg is painted/glossed/strung by hand and takes time. Most of the painted eggs have texture and look gorgeous strung up like an ornament. And if you prefer for your egg to not be strung up, that is fine as well! Many people love to display decorated eggs in egg cups or in decorative nests.

    Egg orders are completed as soon as possible. I'm able to ship eggs for approximately $5 for normal shipping, Priority Shipping for $13. Ordering multiple eggs lowers the price per egg. If you want to order more than 4 eggs at any one time, please give me more time to complete them all. My goal is to keep shipping costs as low as possible and shipping them all at once makes things significantly easier.

    To see some of the eggs I've painted previously, please click here.

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