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Aug 24, 2009
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Some of you might be interested in this program. Project Appleseed. It mixes rifle shooting instruction, history and heritage.

Here are pictures from my first Appleseed shoot which was a couple of weekends ago.
It rained and rained, then it was hot. So we got wet, muddy, sweaty and had a blast.

Kendall, myself, Joanne and Dave (K and I have matching shirts.. how cute... laff...laff)

George Washington's squadron flag.

Shooting prone.


More sitting.

This was my side of the firing line. We were packed together pretty tightly. You're supposed to be laying at a 30 degree angle to the target. I'm a lefty so I was muzzle to muzzle with the guy on my left and playing footsie with the guy to my right.
This is also why I wore longsleeves the Sunday. On Saturday I got several burns from hot brass sticking to my bare arms. That definitely messes with your concentration.

Standing before the sitting or prone position. Having to move around and change magazines in a short amount of time made it very challenging.

Psst.. Kendall, your foot is pointed wrong.

Dave shooting prone.

There were six of us (out of 40 shooters) that got our Rifleman patches. (one guy missing in the pic) It takes most people a couple of shoots to get a qualifying score. I got two qualifiers back to back. Woot.. go me. (you call it lucky.. I call it good.
LOL. )

Here's what the scoring targets look like. (the paper, not the guy
) You shoot 10 shots standing, 10 shots where you start standing, then drop to sitting and have to change magazines, 10 shots standing to prone with a magazine change. 10 shots in prone with a magazine change. There is a time limit, which further adds a challenge to getting a qualifying score.

The patch which must be earned.

I highly recommend going to one of these shoots. They mix telling the history of the start of the American Revolution with the shooting. It's very interesting and inspiring.

From their website:

Why should you come?

Well, for one thing, to see what this Appleseed stuff is all about. To find out why one well-known gun writer who was there said, "this is going to be the next big thing that nobody saw coming."

Another reason...
To learn to shoot a rifle — to learn to shoot it just as well as your forefathers.

Another reason...
To hear]The Story[/url] that every American should hear. About how your forebears took up arms, on the first day of the American Revolution, and did things no other people in the world have ever done. To learn things you don't learn in school, about that day. About where the Revolution really started — it did not start in Lexington, nor did it start in Concord. According to John Adams, it was over before it started. Be there to hear The Story, because to hear it is to remember what they did, that day. And to remember, is to honor them for doing it.

Another reason...
To gather new hope for the future. To see Americans — volunteer Americans — not sitting around complaining: no sir, out doing something about it — like saving their country, one person at a time.

It's free for women, active military, LEO's and those under 21 years old.

As a side note, the feed stealing starlings are taking my newly honed shooting skills pretty hard.
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Aug 24, 2009
Central Utah

It's definitely not a political organization. They're not a militia or anything like that either.
I would define it as educational. The main emphasis is on learning marksmanship with some history thrown in. They go through the events of April 19, 1775. (and events leading up that historic day) Lots of very interesting stories and people that I never learned about in school. (Powder Alarms, Samuel Whittemore, Mother Batherick, etc..)

But gun safety, finding your Natural Point Of Aim, how to best use your body to keep steady, how to use a sling for a steadier shot, Breathing control, and trigger control are the key things they teach.

There were all skill levels there too. From war vets to young kids. The instructors were great. They were patient and easy with the newbies and yet they pushed the more skillful shooters to excel.


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Mar 27, 2008
My husband got his Rifleman two years ago. He's been to several shoots since then and always has a great time.

JoJo, there is an Appleseed shoot this weekend at the Heartland Shooting Park just west of Grand Island. My husand is helping to set it up. Walk ins are welcome.

I know there are a few other shoots planned for Nebraska this year, including another one here in Grand Island, Broken Bow and somewhere between Lincoln and Omaha.

The Appleseed website has a calendar of all the upcoming shoots for 2010.

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