Bedding for Spraddled Legs?


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
I've been reading different things online about what to use for spraddled leg chicks. i've got one that's almost a week old and i've got the band-aid brace between its legs, i have it in on paper towels. i've been reading to have them on a couple inches of shavings where as others say no shavings b/c that makes it harder to walk. what would you suggest?
As you already know, you will hear different responses to this so here's mine. Although I haven't had a chick with spraddled legs, I have tried both paper toweling alone and with pine shavings on top. I prefer the pine shavings because I think it keeps the chicks cleaner. With the paper towels only, I was placing new towels on top every couple of hours to keep the chicks from stepping or lying down in their poop. It didn't seem to be as much upkeep with a thin layer of shavings on top of the toweling.
Good luck with your little one!
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