Bedtime is a nightmare


9 Years
Jul 20, 2014
To start, I have 21 birds and it takes them a grand total (from first end to last end) of an HOUR for them all to go in. The coop is an old camper converted into a chicken coop, so it only has one entry, which I know is part of the problem. The problem is that every bird will stand in the damn entrance and not allow anyone else in until they're finished eating their 90th meal of the day, as slowly as possible.

I know it's pecking order, but half my birds are standing outside in the darkness waiting for them to eat, and it's dangerous. I have moved the feeder further inside. I've moved it to the far corner so it's not even in the doorway. I've left it outside. No matter what, they will still just stand in the doorway pecking at food and shavings if there's no food.

God forbid one of them get pecked off the perch and come flying out at 90 miles an hour and then circle the coop for 20 minutes before going back in.

I get it's what chickens do... but it's absolutely infuriating watching them take so dang long to go inside purely because my flock is full of jerks.

A full duck flock is looking better every night! :barnie

Aside from somehow adding another entrance which probably isn't likely, what can I do? 5 of these birds will be rehomed at a later date, but this problem existed well before this years hatchlings joined in.

There are two hens in particular that are making this worse. I'm about ready to grab them and throw them outside until the rest of the flock goes in before allowing them into the coop.
The two hens are RLRs. I'm not sure I'd be able to mail them. I've seen some bad things come from mailing live animals. :(

Those are some beautiful roos!

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