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Apr 30, 2007
I picked up 6 chicks yesterday when I went to the feed store to see if my order had come in yet. The ordered chicks weren't there yet (next week) but I just couldn't leave with out SOMETHING~
So I brought home 4 barred rocks and 2 buff orphs. And thought I would share some pictures. The red heat lamp throws off the colors in the brooder. Sorry they are so big, photobucket's new editing needs some work, my computer doesn't like it.

Here I literally have them eating out of my hand! Seems to be working so they are used to me.


Here is one of my barred rocks. I read in another post that the little males have a bigger spot on their head. Do you think this one is a rooster? His spot is WAY bigger than any of the others.


Here's one of my buff orphs.....they are so sweet!


And the other on my son's hand.


And of the barred rocks getting used to their roost stick. They are so funny because they can't balance all that well, especially when one of the others come up and start pecking at their toes! LOL! They are so funny. I put the stick only an inch off the ground so if they fell, it wouldn't hurt.


When my new chicks get here next week, I'll have a whole laundry room full of babies.
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I love your babies! I too could not go home empty handed today when we went to the local farm store. I ended up with 2 silver laced wyandottes. I already had 5 arucanas living in my son's room and I have 8 more chicks to pick up on Thursday!! Isn't chicken addiction great!!!

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