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    Mar 28, 2017
    Littleton, CO
    Hello all,

    I have 2 3 month old hens and I am wondering how people handle the bedtime routine. I am finding myself a bit of a hostage at night to the hens in that at around 8pm they will be ready to go into their coop and a couple of times they flew to the top of their fence to let us know when we took too long to notice. I have two rabbits in their fenced in area and so I cannot keep their coop open...the bunnies like it in there too much! At some point I will need to be somewhere later than 8pm :) and so I am wondering if anyone has any tips or can share their routines! thx in advance!
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    You are probably going to have to move the bunnies so your hens have access to the coop or they will start to sleep elsewhere.You should definitely do it soon since they still show interest in their coop.Just my opinion.
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    Do the rabbits have a hutch...where do they spend the night??
    Put the rabbits in their hutch before dusk and open the coop for the chickens.
    That might work short term....
    ....but long term, chickens are going to need access to coop all day to lay.
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    What does your coop look like? As long as you don't have Silkies that can't fly, you can probably put your pop door high enough so the rabbits can't get in but the chickens can fly up to the pop door.

    I don't have rabbits but what is the problem with the rabbits being in there? You might address the issue from that angle.
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    X2, as the birds are flying to the top of the fence now (might also be something to consider addressing if fence is meant to keep them inside their area) flying up to access their coop should be no issue
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    Mar 28, 2017
    Littleton, CO
    thanks everyone..I guess, if the chickens are going to need to have access to the coop during the day as well when they start laying I have a bigger problem than just bedtime! I had not really thought of that.

    The bunnies poop in the coop and like to chew on the wood inside too..little buggers :) cutest buggers I know though!

    I think I need a solution to get them their own area. They do have a hutch of their own where they are very good about sleeping in. But I like them to be able to be free and don't want them to be in there longer than necessary.

    Well, I will have to figure something out I suppose! thanks!

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