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    Mar 19, 2011
    Please can someone help,i have 4 chickens that keep perching on the fence rather than going to bed and i have to get them down off the fence and put them in the coop. I already have 4 ladies that have always gone to bed no problem. The new babies ( 12 weeks old now) were originally 5 one which i think was a cockeral but at the weekend unfortunately he broke his leg and i had to have him put to sleep, and its since he died that the other 4 girls dont go in the coop to bed. im thinking that "Omar" used to call them at night into his Harem. but now hes not there its as though they dont know what to do.All my girls free range and the older ladies still go into their coop no problems. The younger ones have their own house.

    Has anyone any ideas on how to get them to go to bed on their own again, as tonight again they went to perch on the fence.

    Many Thanks

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    Lock them in the coop for a few days.

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