Beech Bluff, TN-Olive Egger Rooster-30 Weeks-Welsummer X Silkied Ameraucana Cross

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    Beech Bluff, TN 38313 (Pinson Mounds Area), available for Local Pick-up only


    "Pierre", a 30 week old, Olive Egger cockerel for sale. Bought these hatching eggs from a BYC breeder (Catkai) located in Texas, who raises BBS Silkied & Regular Ameraucanas. Here is the link to her Facebook page where you can see pics of her silkied feathered Ameraucanas.

    This cockerel was hatched on March 7, 2013. He is a cross between a Welsummer Rooster (dark brown egg laying breed) and a Silkied Ameraucana (blue egg laying breed) with the Silkied Feather gene. You can definitely see that this boy has gotten all of his Mother’s genes, with all his “Silkiness”. If you are looking for the perfect Olive Egger Roo for your Olive Egger project, Pierre’s the boy for you! Not only does he have an Ameraucana Pea Comb (ensures he will pass down the blue egg laying gene to his offspring), but he has the added bonus of contributing the Silkied Feather gene as well. This will produce the prettiest, fluffiest chicks! He demonstrates all the pure breed features of an Ameraucana, has a Pea Comb, slate grey colored legs, amber eyes, long neck, no pinched tail, and perfect conformation in back length, and chest width. He is blue with dark blue hackles and saddle feathers, with a touch of brown on his wings, and some blonde on top of his head which probably come from his Welsummer Father. He is super sweet and has been handled & petted frequently since he hatched. He eats right out of my hand and has a nice crow too.

    The 1st photo collage is Pierre at 30 weeks of age & pics were taken on 9/28/13, and the 2nd photo collage is Pierre at 17.5 weeks of age & pics were taken on 7/01/13. (Pics were taken with 1.3 megapixel, cell phone camera, so these pics do not due him justice!)

    I thought for sure this guy was going to be a pullet and was going to keep it for my Olive Egger project, since I breed Ameraucanas & Marans, but that wasn’t the case unfortunately. I have too many cockerels from my 3 Spring hatchings, and can't keep all the roosters.

    Pricing on "Pierre" is $10.00 or best offer. I would prefer for him to go to a home that has a flock in need of a rooster, instead of a stew pot. He would be PERFECT for your Olive Egger breeding project with his Silky feathered gene. He is super sweet and has such a loving personality, it's especially difficult for me to give this sweet guy up.

    Call me or message me if you have any questions, or would like to purchase Prince. (731) 225-1073 Theresa at Sunnydale Farm Here's our Facebook page link

    I have several listings of my chickens on Craigslist right now, as well as other poultry sites. Right now I have only young cockerels for sale.

    (2) Pure Chocolate Bantam Orpingtons Roosters (Greenfire Farm) breeding lines (30 weeks old).

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