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Apr 27, 2010
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So, I'm currently watching the new show Beekman Boys on Planet Green and all I can think is "OMG this is us in a couple years!"! So, apparantly this show is about a two man couple that are farming for the first time. One is on the farm full time and one works in the city during the week. And, when they are home together they are arguing. To be honest, the arguing part is us now
granted, not all the time, but sometimes the vision I have for things and the vision he has for things are not even in the same dreamscape, so to speak. We've already talked about the future, and we have agreed that I will be the stay at home farmer/rancher and he will be the work off the property person, and I already know I will be more involved than he will (unless it involves selling or tours or something

So, has anyone else seen this show? And is anyone else in this kind of situation?

Matthew Ryan


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Jan 28, 2009
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playing catch up with this show. Luckily, like dirty jobs and deadliest catch, they rerun episodes often. Tonite was the season finale and i am hooked. really enjoy the series. Josh and Brent did a live chat on tonite and it was fun!


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I hope they are successful despite of their bickerings LOL! Seems like a lot of resentments going on. Whatever it may be, hope they can resolve themselves.

Anyone tried their soaps???????????


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Jan 13, 2008
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Been watching it.... uh, interesting.. That Brent is just about the most unpleasant and unhappiest person ever. Many times wonder WHY Josh is staying with him, if he's really like that? Probably played up for the show but whoo, the things he says and does. Cheered when Josh stood firm with planting his potatoes!

Farmer John MAKES the show! He and Polka Dot are what made me stay with the show. It is so hilarious how he loves his goats a bit too much.

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