Been a good week! Was sort of getting discouraged.

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    Hello all, been looking at this new "production" and was just miserable with it at first, but am sort of getting the hang of it. My computer isn't working right either, and I think that might have been partly responsible for my misery in navigating this new look. . .but to be honest, I like the old site better.

    Getting ready to order seeds and plants . . .so excited. Been sick since before Thanksgiving with one thing after another, and finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor and got meds and I decided Friday morning I was going to make it.

    Planning on chickens, but can't agree on a type of chicken house, so going to have to set down and talk some more. I will need at least 30 hens to keep the family in eggs and to be able to sell enough to buy their feed. Not interested in making money, just break even. I will wait to order the first of May, and that will give me time to brood them and get them a nice house to move into. IF someone had a nice portable shed for sale I could use that, and I know where one is at, a 12 x 16 which would be perfect but she won't sell it to me. Going to offer one time time, and see if she will agree. It's a dandy, and she will never move it to her mom's house for a pump house no matter how much this gal says she is.

    Bought DS a ferret today, LOVE him. He is white and fluffy and just absolutely adorable. Have 3 more coming at the end of the month. My GS told me he thinks I am a hoarder. Sometimes he is NOT my favorite. Ha. A lady gave me two more Gouldian Finches and a Canary plus she had given me two lovely greenish yellow finches, which do sing a little and the Cockatiels are eyeing the nest box with interest, so that would be nice to get some little babies to mess with . . .but I think the ole' girl is too old. She is so ugly, I should take a picture and show you, because she IS the ugliest bird I have ever seen, but one of the boys thinks she is the living end, which just goes to show looks isn't everything.

    Making tentative shearing plans for the Alpacas in April, which I have not been out to see much since Thanksgiving because of this URI, but they are good and planning to add about 7 more if it ever freezes enough for them to be able to be delivered. Have 35 two gallon size freezer bags full of fleece to sell. Weighed it at the meat market I work at so its exact to the ounce. Anyone interested? I have both types.

    DH went to doctor and together they figured out why he was having such anger and short fuse issues is because of one medication he takes depletes the selenium in the brain. I know he is greatly relieved because he has never been a mean person, hot headed but what Georgian isn't? JUST KIDDING guys!! So, he is changing some meds around a bit and possibly will start taking selenium (I think this is the right one that has been depleted) by mouth to replace what has been depleted. After 5 long years of this anger and extremely short fuse, we may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. What a blessing. I may get my ole' sweet boy back yet. I do know he feels relieved, knowing that he may not be losing his mind, just another lovely side effect of a medication.

    I have a great closing in less than a month, which will put a new floor and paint in our bedroom, buy some add'l kitchen cabinets and finish materials for the hen house. . .have another contract to write Monday night on a $100,000+ home and a small closing on a $12,000 foreclosure this week, so Real Estate started off with a bang for me. For what it costs to stay in it, it should! Gets worse every year.

    DS is playing basketball and on the honor roll at school; so we are very proud and blessed to have this wonderful child in our lives. The boy who cleans the barn for me right now will be graduating in May and I already told him that we would be taking over the cleaning then, because DS said he might as well be earning that money instead of Z. I agree. I want him to be in a position to take this little business/farm over some day when he is out of college and needs a place to live (none of our kids ever leave the area, loves us too much which is nice, but also can be bad for their own survival) he will know how to step in and just do it. . .if he wants too. He is leaning toward Vet Tech which just delights me to no end, but he is only 11 so things may change.

    Family coming tomorrow for Italian Beef (it smells wonderful, but the ole' gall bladder is already telling me "don't you dare!" so I won't. LOL. Just went thru a spell of it, and do not need another one. What a yucky couple of days.

    Just catching up and touching base, say a prayer for me and think good thoughts; having blood work done this week and I really know its not going to be good. Too many wonderful ancestors tell me so. LOL.

    Take care everyone, Bless you all. Love BYC.
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    Wow! The ball is spinning around in your court! Sending positive thoughts your way. Good luck!

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