Been away awhile and wanted to say hello


7 Years
Mar 6, 2012
Stopping in to re-introduce myself. It's been 4 years since I joined. About the time we found out my husband was sick, we lost our flock. The neighbor's dogs teamed together to pop our gate open and within a few short minutes our flock of 15 became a flock of 1. It took a long time to get Chick-N-Dump to trust again. When she finally came out of her shell she became a Diva. She wouldn't go in the coop ever again and she decided her new house would be under our back deck. For 2 years now she greets me every morning at the back door. While I feed her and her babies (the cats) she talks and tells me all that went on overnight. She bosses the cats and settles their arguments. She has free range of the entire yard and somehow knows her boundaries. We thought about getting more chickens but we don't think she'd like that and she seems content to be the only chicken. Sometimes I wonder if she knows she's a chicken or if she thinks she's a cat, a dog or maybe a person. Whatever she thinks she is, she interviews every animal (including humans) and decides who is or is not allowed in her yard and she lets us know her decision.

Greetings from South Carolina. I am Sherrie Allen. I live in West Columbia, SC. I am 60 years old. My husband and I have 3 sons and 3 grandsons. We are a retired military family. A few years ago we bought some rural property and we are slowly turning it from a forest into a small farm/homestead. Some days I wonder if I'll ever live in the country. It's ok if I don't. I know it's there, I know my family has a place to call our own where we can live a self sustaining lifestyle and I know one day when I am gone my family will have a farm to live on - if they choose to. We are moving slow because my husband has dementia and I'm not sure moving him would be a good idea. One of my sons lives on the rural property and this year we will have our 1st garden there. We've been busy clearing land, building a cabin and this winter we put in an orchard. This month we are building a greenhouse and a chicken coop. Yes, while I can't have chickens here we will have chickens on the farm. In fact, I have 27 in the brooder now and in a few weeks they will go live on the farm. Our next steps are fencing, goats and a Donkey named Frogger. Years ago I promised my grands if we ever got a farm they could have a donkey. Where they came up with the name Frogger, I don't know. But, their donkey - they get to name it. My husband and I live on the outskirts of town in a nice neighborhood. Life could be worse, we are blessed.

My hobbies include reading, knitting, collecting cast iron, camping and traveling (not so much lately). I spend a lot of time with my grandsons and they have taught me that grandchildren truly are blessings. They have breathed new life into me and it is hard to be old when I am with them.

Well, my re-hello got kind of long so I'll end here. Thanks for having me back. I'll try to not be missing from the group like in the past.


Bambrook Bantams
6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
Forrest Beach, FNQ, Australia
G’Day from down under Sherrie Allen :frow Welcome Back!

Chicken Sympathy.jpg

Chick-N-Dump sounds like a real character! I too would love to see a picture please.

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