Been awhile!! Gonna set today or tomorrow!

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    Hey all!! It's been almost a year since I got out my incubator!! Can you believe that? What was I thinking? I am down to about 9 hens from over 20....due to a neighbor's dog that got out and decided to get ahold of a few of mine....I right now have 9 hens and 4 roosters....(i thought 3 of the roosters were hens when I kept em...) Anyway, I added a PC fan to my LG 9200, this will be the first time I will use it. I as of right now have collected 12 eggs over the last week to set, I may have 3-4 more today, just depends on their "mood" I am supposed to be cleaning out my bedroom closet as of now to put the bator in so it is more consistant with temps, last time I had it in the kids bathroom...decent hatch rate, but I was always worried with the kids!!! lol
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