Before and after pics of today's remodel


9 Years
Feb 24, 2010
Olympia, WA
Got to work on the coop/tractor today. Added two more windows, vinyl flooring, some nesting boxes and a roost. DW also primed it in preparation for painting it to match our house and storage shed. Here are the pics - I'd really like input. No pics of the roost, but it's a 6 or 7 foot length of wooden closet rod attached to plywood squares at each end, raises it up about seven inches above the floor - about as high as I can go in this coop.


With the new flooring in:

and the nest boxes and shavings:

Here you can see Carla and the new windows in the front. We also added hooks to keep the doors open for cleaning.

While we were doing this, the girls explored our old dog kennel and found a good place to take a dust bath:

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