Before I buy chickens what breed is this look like


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Sep 20, 2013
They have them listed as Rumpless Ameraucana Araucana Chickens
[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG] is the website for the Araucana club. is the website for the Ameraucana club.
They are two different breeds with standards the birds have to meet to be considered their respective breed. (the Araucana is rumpless, the Ameraucana is not). The red roo look like an Easter Egger, mix that may have Araucana or Ameraucana in their background. The white roo like a barnyard mix.
Both of your birds are mixes. The first one might be an Easter Egger mix, but the other one is just a plain barnyard mix. They are not purebred, and not Araucanas. Pretty birds, though!
I would skip these birds. How can they list them as rumpless when their tails are there for all to see? Not to mention that a breeder would know that Ameraucana and Araucana aren't the same thing. Seriously, this is a person trying to sell mutts as purebred stock to suckers. Don't give them your money. And hopefully they didn't list them as hens or pullets? Those birds are all boys.

And if it's Craigslist, I'd personally flag them.
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Lol it is Craigslist and I noticed all those things you pointed out to. But I'm bran new to chickens so I thought I would ask
Ditto. None of those birds have bunny tails (rumpless). When I find ads like this on CL, I flag them and send a NICE email to the seller. You'd be surprised by the amount of people who truely have no idea of what they've got or are selling...
Good for you for checking first, I wish more folks would do that. It's hard having folks come on here all excited about their new "hens" and having to tell them they're actually mixed breed roosters or something like that.....always feel free to check with us first!

And yes, those are mixed breed roosters.

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