Before the world ~~~A god RP~~~~

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  1. In the beginning of the world there was no peace war broke out between men, so Zuez the great god above all gods destroyed the men and remade them but the same thing still happened so he continued to destroy men and remake them. but before Gods ruled the earth titans romped free owning everything, the titans were not evil quite kind actually, but they would not follow orders so when Zuez gained power he banished them to tataris where they dwelled but Prometheus stayed with Zuez since they were related, he felt bad for the men as they suffered and died he gave them the gift of fire which Zuez had forbidden to do when he did he too was banished to tartaris, but he got out and now dwells with his friends the abandon gods who have no interest in having duties or following orders or follow Zuez so they dwell in the protacted and secret forests of dendar.

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