Beginner's advice? Quail hutch and food requirements?


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Apr 14, 2014
Hey there, first post so apologies if I sound a little inexperienced, and thank you for any and all responses I receive. Done lots of research, too much, and found so much information to process.
I want to grow and make my own quail food but I'm not sure how I can measure vitamin sources and all the clever people stuff

Would a feed consisting of soaked oats, seeds of all kinds, freshly harvested mealworms (starting a colony), crushed shells and lots of greens be enough for healthy, happy egg laying quails?
Measurements something like: 25% soaked oats, 20% seeds, 30% mealworms and the other 25% greens. Crushed shells free for them to have whenever they like.

I know this is probably quite a silly question but I thought I'd ask rather than have the quails arrive and put them through what might be a horrible food crisis.

I also have another question, would a doubledecker hutch (run below) with dimensions of 41in width x 20in depth x 41in height be enough to keep four hen quail comfortable? I read that they only need 1sqft per Japanese Quail, and these measurements (width x depth) give me roughly 5.7sqft, but I don't want them to be uncomfortable. Is it enough space for happy quail? Thanks again.


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Jan 6, 2013
SF Bay Area, California
Quail require a much higher amount of protein than they would be getting with that feed. They need 20-24% protein to live a healthy life, the recipe you give, the only crude proteins will come from the meal worms and that won't be anywhere near enough. Also you need to limit meal worm consumption because they are high in fat, and if overfed can lead to fatty organs which can lead to sudden death.

There are recipes on BYC if you search for them, but they are for making it 2000lbs at a time so you'd need to do some math to reduce the formula.

Your birds would be very happy if you are only keep 4-5 in that much space.

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