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    Howdy! I'm fairly new to being a chicken mother, but I am hooked!! I've had my girls less than a year, but noticed a behavior I can not figure out. Sometimes when they are turned out and when I approach them, they will squat with their wings slightly spread. They stay perfectly still in their squatted position and I can pet them all I want...... Is this a fear position, respect or something different all together? 2 outta my 5 exhibit this behavior (speckled sussex & buff orph about 7 months old) Any ideas would be appreciated!


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    THey're showing that your are dominant they think you are essentially their rooster, its what they do when they wanted to be mated. Means eggs could be in your near future. So when they squat grab their tale firmly shake it then pat their butt. they'll ruffle their feathers for you in appreciation. [​IMG]
  3. Imp

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    It's a combination of respect and submission. It's also a way of saying "Yes" to a roo.

    Imp- Ruffle their feathers when they do that, and watch them shake you off. [​IMG]
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    Thank you so much for your response! I thought it was along those lines, but just wanted confirmation.... it's nice to finally be respected, even it's from my chickens!!! Now if I can only get my teenagers and husband to squat!!!
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    Try locking them up in the coop and feeding them bugs, works for me. [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] also

    Do you mean the teenagers and husband?


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    I'm thinking all the above!!!! Baahaahaaa!!
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    HAHAH I know...except my brats are 2 and 4...chickens are so much better behaved...and that's not saying much. They don't fuss over food, they go put themselves to bed as soon as it gets questions asked.

    They bathe dirt.

    When I don't feed them they find themselves their own food. Shoot instead of getting married I should have gotten chickens A LONG time ago....

    I love doing the but shake for the girls when they squat...they seem so proud of if only it were that easy for us ladies lol. [​IMG]

    I also have a hen....she doesn't lay. Not egg bound...just doesn't lay...poor girl bless her heart she sits on that nest...grumbles at the others when they're on it because she has to "lay" so badly, then after a while comes out hollering her egg song. Of course all that is in there is her wooden egg, but oh we sing her a song of praise give her treats and she thinks she is just the coolest thing ever...its pretty darn cute.
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    Haha, that's exactly what my hyrbid pullet does! She's the only one out of all of our girls who does it. Funny thing, eh?

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