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Over the last several year's I've been raising a small flock of chickens on my Michigan property. Nothing large...only eight chicken's in an enclosed coop/run design. Traditionally, I would check on my chickens at the end of each day and complete any work on this layout during the weekends...which I had off. I would collect the lawn clippings during the weekends and use it as bedding/supplemental feed. As for my feeder I have a setup which last my chickens 7-10 days and the waterer last about 20-25 days.

Recently, I had a change of employment and will be away 3 day's (over night) each week...but will still have the weekends off. As for the two days of the week I'm home I am out very early and don't get home until very late in the night. A DRASTIC change in my schedule and the daily routine my chicken's have grown accustomed too.

Question: Will my chickens be okay when I'm away for the week? Should I do anything to help prepare them?


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I don't think you can really prepare a chicken for a schedule change. As long as they have plenty of food and water, and you can get in there to clean up after them, they should be fine.

Just a suggestion--do you have a neighbor boy or girl who would like to go look after them for a little bit of money? Kids seem to enjoy doing that, I've found.

I have a small backyard flock too. I live out in the country in Ohio. My flock is 14 hens and 1 rooster. I really interact with them alot because it's my hobby--my fun. LOL I get in there with my bucket and little shovel and I clean up the poo each evening, and then I throw them some scratch and talk to them. It's kind of hilarious, I guess. The poo really gets to be piling high if I don't get in there. That's the only thing I might be concerned about, the poo piling up.

But you know, they are farm animals and they should be ok if you can get in there once a week. Good luck with your new job and I hope you really like it!



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I would think that they'd be OK, but it would be good to have someone check on them daily and maybe gather eggs.
Someone who knows chickens and thus how to spot and take care of any problems.

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