Belgian Antwerp (D'anvers)

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    The lady that I've gotten a lot of my hens from has a few of Quail Antwerps and I'm interested in the breed. She said that they need to be kept indoors... everything I've read from people that have them say they keep them outside. I have a few full size girls and a couple cochin bantams. Would this be a breed that would be ok to add to my flock outside? Should the breed be kept as a house pet? And comments about the breed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    They have to be in a covered pen if you want them contained because they fly like pros, but they can certainly go outside during the day; no need for them to be kept inside 24/7. Check out Boggy Bottom Bantams's long running d'anvers thread for quite a few coop/breeding pen pictures here:

    Mine do not free range except on the rarest of occasions in summer under my supervision (I live in the woods on a mtn), but they have a covered pen and do get outside if it's not too cold or the pen too wet from runoff. Mine are locked up in their predator-proof coop at night-they would be a tasty midnight snack for most any predator if not protected.
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