Belgian Bantams?


Aug 9, 2016
Ok i may be crazy to think this but hear me out. I will have been breeding and showing Belgian D'anvers for 2 years in December and i absolutely adore them! I was researching the history of this breed and I found the other belgian breeds, the ones i am interested in are Barbu de Grubbe, Barbu de Watermael and Barbu de Boitsfort. I'm from Canada and there are no breeders that I know of. I really even would settle for hatchery birds to get started. Am I crazy for wanting to import them here? They supposedly all have similar personalities to the D'anvers and I'd love to see them become more common. Does anyone know of anywhere i could get any of them? Color is not very important but preferably not quail as my birds are quail. Thanks for reading!

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