Belgian Bearded D'uccle Eggs For Sale


8 Years
Nov 1, 2011
Perry, GA
For sale bearded belgian d'uccle eggs. I have mille fleur, self blue, black mottled and porcelain. I can send out at least one order of 6 a week (maybe 2). You will get what has been laid for the week. Cannot send orders of all one color. All varieties are seperated and eggs will be marked. $15.00 includes shipping. Will send in the order of requests received. Fertility and hatch rate has been excellent. My last 2 batches were 100% hatch. I am am NPIP certified. I'd like to add that my self blue pullet is a multiple best variety winner and got reserve best of breed at the last show. One of my mille hens has multiple best and reserve best of variety wins. I'll be showing several of these hens, pullets and roosters next month and will post updates on the results.
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I've received a couple of pm's on the eggs. I'll post here when weeks are sold out. Eggs will be sent in order of payment received.
Sold out for this week (Oct. 29). Week beginning Nov. 5 still open. PM an email and can email some pic or a cell phone number and can send picture text (preferred). I'll continue this as long as they keep laying eggs. I've hatched out 30 chicks and my incubator is full.
Week of November 12 now sold out. Next week open is November 19. I'm picking up 2 more mille hens on Sunday and will continue selling eggs as long as they will lay them.
November 19th sold out. From here on out, I'll start a waiting list. They've slowed a little on the laying. I'll send out eggs in the order of requests received. $5.00 to hold your place on the list. Eggs will be sent as soon as they become available. No orders larger than 12 at this time.
I am after some eggs please in a mix of mottles and millfluer will take two dozen at the right price
Where are you located would like to get them on transport
thanks in advance

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