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    I have 4 extra Mille Fleur (possibly split to porcelain) Belgian D'Anver cockerel chicks; as you know, this is a color variety you cannot get through any hatchery in this country.
    ***Hatched March 3, so are 8 weeks old as of April 28***

    *****There are a few younger ones as well, two to three weeks younger than the older group, now that we are able to sex them, so you have plenty to choose from!****

    These will only be available through about April 28th! A friend will be taking them back with her when she visits if they are still unspoken for at that time.

    There is a possibility that they are split to porcelain, meaning they could carry the lavender gene and produce porcelain chicks. I have two porcelain roosters and a mille fleur rooster over three mille fleur hens, so they may be either splits or straight mille fleur (you cannot tell visually).

    They are beginning to get their white tipped feathers on their backs now and are very personable little cusses.

    Only $1 apiece for these! Last Chance! Only Available thru April 28!

    I have included pics of three of the parents in this ad as well as some of the chicks. The parents come from Boggy Bottom Bantams in South Georgia, an NPIP breeder of excellent quality D'Anvers, among other breeds. [​IMG]

    Pickup at my home in Fannin County, GA, near the NC line.
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