Belgian d'Uccle hen & Banty Rooster not working out...ideas?

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    Our Little Red Hen, a pet who lived with her Rooster (Studdly), died last fall. We wondered what to do with him, we have another geriatric rooster who lives with two hens (the flocks are dwindling and we are not replenishing them). As it happened, someone offered us a Belgian d'Uccle who was homeless. But.....they do not get along, he wants to get on her all the time (he was not like this with Red Hen at all) and she avoids him by sitting in the house on the roost all day (he often sits there with her, I don't know if he pecks her or not), at first she went out, but not now. It's been 4 mos. Even if I kick him out and open the coop into a fenced enclosure, pick her up and put her outside, she just runs back in and roosts. If I take her away from the coop, since she doesn't know her way around she doesn't know how to go back, she runs and hides under any bush she can find that conceals her, if I took my eyes off her I'd lose her (we are surrounded by wooded areas).

    I know nothing about her breed, I've only banties for 35 yrs., so don't know why she doesn't want to be out and scratch around even when he is not around. This is sad, for her, and for him. He does't cluck and call her when I give them sunflower seed treats, she comes out and they almost compete for them. He was a wonderful little rooster for Red Hen and I never dreamed there would be such tension between these two. She's acts abused, he acts un-chivalrous.

    Any suggestions? More hens for him? (not sure we want more) Find her a new home? And maybe him too!
    (I tried to post a photo of my handsome mis-matched pair but I guess I'm not allowed, you can see them on an old post on my blog, the day I brought her home:


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